Q: What is the total cost of a consultation and when is this owed? 

A: The cost of an initial consultation is $150.  This must be paid in advance of the scheduled consultation date using our online payment portal.  If you are unable to complete the payment using this method, you may make payment by check via mail, or in cash upon your arrival at the office.  

Q: What is included with an initial consultation?

A: ​You will receive up to one hour of one-to-one discussion with an experienced immigration attorney. Our goal for every consultation we provide is to ensure that:

  • You are receive a clear, patient explanation of all available options (if any) under the present immigration laws, and the risks that may be associated with each option
  • You will be provided with a full breakdown of the costs and estimated timelines that are associated with each available option, including all attorney and government filing fees  

Q: What times are you usually available to schedule a consultation?

A: General hours of availability are between 9am and 5pm Central Time, Monday to Friday.  Weekend appointments are not available.    

Q: Can you only meet with or represent clients/potential clients in your home state?

A: No, because immigration is an exclusively federal area of law, we can represent clients anywhere in the United States or overseas.

Q: Once we have had our consultation, are you my immigration attorney?

A: ​No ongoing attorney-client relationship will be created during or following a consultation, unless a specific agreement is entered into to that effect.  

Q: If I decide to hire you to represent me in my immigration process after our consultation, do I start with owing the full balance? 

A: No, your initial consultation fee will be credited towards the total amount of fees owed.

Q: I would have a hard time traveling to meet you at your office location, are there any other ways of having a consultation?

A: Yes, consultations can be conducted via phone or Skype if meeting in person is not practical or convenient. 

Q: I don't really need a full consultation, can I just get a price quote to compare different attorneys?

A: You may request a general fee quote, either by emailing stuart@gilgannonlaw.com or completing the contact form on this website.  Any quotes provided are subject to change at a later date, and may increase if it turns out that you are not eligible for the process you sought the quote for, or if your particular circumstances require additional steps or procedures not anticipated when the quote was made.  

Q: I don't want to hire an attorney or I don't think I can afford one, can you just look over the forms I have prepared and let me know if they look correct?
A: We do not provide this type of "proofreading" or paperwork review service.